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You may only need one to be convinced, but Authors in Aarhus volunteer Tenna gives you five good reasons to come to the next international author event at Dokk1 (the great coffee and tea part is very true...).

How often do you get the chance to combine good company, beautiful surroundings and educational entertainment on a Wednesday evening? Not too often, if we’re being totally honest. 

Therefore, I now present to you; five reasons as to why you should go grab a friend, family member or random bloke on the street and head on down to Dokk1 on the 20th of April, when Authors in Aarhus host an event with the two Irish authors Donal Ryan and Dr. Oona Frawley.


  • First off, if you haven’t already paid a visit to our new main library down at Dokk1, you definitely should. Not only do we offer a stunning piece of architecture with a unique view of the inner harbour in Aarhus but we also offer several great spaces on the inside. Dokk1 invites everybody in whether you’re visiting our well assorted library or in need of a place to study or even just in the mood for a nice cup of coffee, we guarantee a warm welcome.


  • Donal Ryan is one of the Irish authors to watch these years. With his debut novel The Spinning Heart published in 2012 he won ‘book of the year’ at the Irish Book Awards the same year. Since then Ryan has published his second novel The Thing About December in 2013 and Ryan’s first collection of short stories A Slanting of the Sun in 2015. We are impatiently awaiting the next chapter of Ryan’s authorship which is scheduled to continue its saga in September this year with the publishing of All We Shall Know.


  • Dr. Oona Frawley is a lecturer and First Year Co-ordinator at Maynoot University in Ireland. She has held post-doctoral fellowships at both Queen’s University Belfast and Trinity College Dublin. Frawley debuted as an author in 2014 when Flight hit the stores. Flight was well received and even nominated for an Irish Book Award in the ‘newcomer’ category.  Safe to say we expect a nerd-alert when Frawley and Ryan exchange views and experiences with Ireland and the Irish people.


  • If you love literature and a relevant discussion, we invite you to join in. Questions and comments are encouraged with the purpose of broadening the discussion after the conversation on stage.


  • Lastly, you can always watch a movie, do your homework or play a game of chess but you can’t enjoy a riveting conversation about Irish identity any regular evening. Carpe diem, seize the day and spice up your week with some educational entertainment. We’ll provide great coffee and tea which leaves very little reason to stay home.



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