Creative Europe

In October 2016, Authors in Aarhus will apply for the Creative Europe programme.

Creative Europe is a European funding scheme which “supports transnational cooperation projects involving cultural and creative organisations from different countries taking part in the program. It aims to improve access to European culture and creative works and to promote innovation and creativity.” (Source)

We have a strong belief in the necessity of bringing international literature to the Danish public’s attention, in order to raise awareness about issues that are going outside their country. Authors in Aarhus has so far put the emphasis on its international profile with the foreign authors invited to the scene; but through Creative Europe, it would like the public to exchange and engage in international literature in a participatory mode.

Through this program, we hope to stress the importance of literature and of literary production as a vehicle for sharing stories cross-borders, for co-narrating a larger “European story”, for giving a voice to European citizens, without disregarding the empowering effect writing can have for the individual.

If you would like to learn more about our Creative Europe plan, and/or are interested in becoming a partner, please use our contact form.